Friday, March 03, 2006

Mamnuts 1.5

Mamnuts 1.5 has been released, here's the Changelog:

  • Spodlist was utterly broken for some compilers, so it was removed.
  • Description length is now variable with the maximum name length.
  • Grep user was somewhat broken in the presentation layer, so it was removed.
  • The clear screen function now does the right thing and sends the clear screen escape character. Since not every "telnet client" supports it (shame on them!) the character is still preceeded by a flood of new lines (more, this time), so nobody looses .cls functionality.

Next version will hopefuly be 2.0.


Anonymous Uzume said...

This is not a telnet feature but rather a terminal feature. There are telnet features that allow one to obtain which terminal is supported though (and then something like curses could be used).

The problem with actually using a curses implmentation is that it is designed for an application that talks to only one terminal type (and not switches amongst many like a talker would).

9:37 AM  

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