Monday, March 27, 2006

Mamnuts 1.6

Mamnuts 1.6 has been released, and can be downloaded here.

The Changelog:
  • Now there are helpfiles in English or Portuguese. The default is English, but you just have to change the config file to point out to the Portuguese support. Thanks to NomadWolf for helping with the translation. If you know any other language and want to contribute with translations, we'll gladly accept your help and include them!
  • user->recap now resets the terminal colours. That will make an usefull use of user->recap and user->bw_recap in a way that you'll never need to escape colours to do whatever you want.
  • .read shows user->recap instead of user->bw_recap .
To Do:
  • v1.7: Remove smail related code: .smail .rmail and such commands AND everything that sends or uses it's code.
  • v1.8: Implement a SpamGuard system. Better yet, if time lets me do it, implement something like Uzume suggests in here.
  • v1.9: Fix #36: Revert "multi-line paste" changes. It will reduce usability but fix a security issue.
  • v2.0: Fix the charset issues with non-ASCII chr()'s. This mean implementing a proper telnet support, or, at least, filter those characters aund bind thrm to static printouts.


Anonymous Uzume said...

I have yet to actually look at this code but since you mention .read I am surprised you didnt rip out the board code along with the smail code since it is all very broken in a similar fashion.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Mind Booster Noori said...

That's something I want to do...

2:15 AM  

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